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Shell of Dreams

Triangle of Hay

Wagon Wheel & Wreath

The Red Headed Stranger

A Delicious Melange

Little House Off the Prairie

Walk the Path

Two Lost Soles

Wheel of Red, White, & Blue

Windows of Chicago

The Late Bloomer

Friend of Nature

Beginning & End

Nap Time

Misty Morn’

The Old Cider Barn

Expressing the Inexpressible

Musical Hat

Nature’s Soul

Rest for the Weary

Impressions of Michigan Avenue

Little Bird on the Window Sill

The Unconventional Collector

A True Survivor

A Golden Dream

Party for Three

Apparently Not

Blue Sky and White Barn

Shrouded in Fog

Country Road on Autumn Afternoon

The Fire Escape

Beacon of Hope

Forever Shining

Forever Shining

The Indecisive Painter

The Indecisive Painter

Altering Our Perspective

Altering Our Perspective

Golden Reflection

Golden Reflections

Even in the Weeds

Fields Under a Swirling Sky

Behind the Open Gate

Behind the Open Gate

Abstract Winter Trees

Abstract Winter Trees

Autumn Outlook

City of Big Shoulders

Melting into the Fields

Melting into the Fields