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Japanese Tea Garden

Landscape of Fantasy and Dreams

Ye Olde Winter Barn

A Dappled Path

Autumn’s Aperture

Greeting the Fog

Green Veil of Summer

The Rural Sunrise

The Road to the Barn

Winter Grandeur

Autumn Foliage at St. James

A Perfect Fall Afternoon

Rural Repose

Feeling the Blues

Fog Envelopes the Woods

Follow the Tracks

Interrupting the Winter Whiteness

Sun, Clouds, and Winter Trees

Light and Dark

Alone in the Field

River of Fog

Morning Stream of Light

Enveloped in Fall

Golden Meadows

Beautiful Desert

Blanketing the Farm

Along the Gravel Path

Sentinel Sunset

Willows at the Horse Farm

A Perfect Union

Lakefront Impressions

The Sky Meets the River

Top of the Hill

Artistry of the Forest

Entrance to the Willow

Tones of a Coming Season

Traces of Blue

Midwest Winter Landscape

Winter Twist

Reach Out

Natural Decorations

Winter Bliss

Riding the Waves

A Walk on the Beach

Bridge at Mayslake

The Autumn Path

Blue Sunrise

Morning Fog on the Blue Ridge Parkway

Flag at Chimney Rock

Blue Ridge Beauty