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Japanese Tea Garden

Blue Moon Over Cedar Key

Sunset Over the Gulf

The Sun Rises

Wheel of Color

Hotel Higbee

Distant Headlights

Sun, Clouds, and Winter Trees

Golden Meadows

Giverny Revisited

Forming the Rainbow

Antennae in the Sky

Spirit of the Horse

Along the Gravel Path

Sentinel Sunset

Crossing Over

On a Country Road

Spring Reflections

America’s Pastime

A Higher Plane

Springtime Supplication

The Painted Forest

Foothill Flowers

The Autumn Path

Chicago = Home

The House on the Lake

Urban Loneliness

Catching the Wave


The Kayaker

The Trees of Maple Lake

Don’t Weep, Dance

A Bouquet of Matchsticks

The Pages of Camus

To the Point

Moving Too Fast

Country Comfort

True Bliss

She Waits

Dance to the Sun

The Stylish Workers

Changing Faces

Girl in the Big Hat


Relic of the Past

Little House Off the Prairie

Altering Our Perspective

Altering Our Perspective

Abstract Winter Trees

Abstract Winter Trees

Daybreak on the Farm

Daybreak on the Farm

Marilyn Monroe Statue

Forever Marilyn