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Japanese Tea Garden

Ye Olde Winter Barn

The Rural Sunrise

Winter Grandeur

Red Barn & White Horse

Red Barn Doors

Purple Prairie Plant

Red Tulips

Follow the Tracks

Mired in Maize

Drink Blatz Beer

On a Country Road

The Benches of Cantigny

The Adventitious Tree

Time to Prey

Golden Fields

Happiness Shared

Colors of the Prairie

Rows of the Heartland

Weeping Crosses

Proud American Barn

Roadside Glory

The Flying Quintet

Disappearing Dreams of Yesterday

Beacon of Hope

Behind the Open Gate

Behind the Open Gate

Melting into the Fields

Melting into the Fields

Lone Tree on the Prairie

Lone Tree on the Prairie

Less Traveled By

A Winter’s Peace

Nature’s Neon

Dilapidated Barn

Daybreak on the Farm

Daybreak on the Farm

The Prairie and the Pump

Rural Respite

The Prairie Beckons

Lavender Dream

Winding Snow Path

Winding Path