Rural Respite

Life on the prairie years ago was assuredly not a carefree existence, but the beauty of the rural setting evokes thoughts of an unhurried time, devoid of the trappings of today.

Photo captured at Peck Farm in Geneva, Illinois.


24 thoughts on “Rural Respite

  1. Brian, thank you for the follow. Rural Respite, its just great, in my opinion. All the elements are strong – the textured sky, the rising foreground and obscuring grasses, the lone tree, I like everything about it. Texas is full of barns, but not like this. My dad loved photographing old homesteads and I wish he were still alive to enjoy your blog. I know I will!

  2. Excellent rural Gothic atmosphere in this piece. Looks like an establishing scene-shot from an Alfred Hitchcock film. A very well done composition.

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