Broken Barn Doors

To some, “rustic” is a euphemism for antiquated – replace the old with the new, they believe.  Yet there is a subtle beauty in all things old, things that have dutifully served a meaningful purpose and continue to survive.

Such is the case with these barn doors and windows.  Somewhat battered perhaps, they have become resilient reminders of life’s journey and struggles, and the capacity to thrive in spite of the surrounding pressures and elements.





5 thoughts on “Broken Barn Doors

  1. Brian – love this shot and the words too. You express what I think – how some old things must be kept to remind us of those who have gone before us, the hard work they have put into helping us get where we are today and the love and pride they probably had in what they had created. You have some really beautiful photos here – I will definitely be coming back for more inspiration. Thanks for honoring me by following my blog!

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