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A Walk to the Light

Blues and Berries

A Dappled Path

Autumn’s Aperture

Greeting the Fog

Tangled Branches

Winter Grandeur

Autumn Foliage at St. James

A Perfect Fall Afternoon

A Peaceful Path

The Old Man and the Lake

Tree Alley at St. James

Distant Headlights

Fog Envelopes the Woods

Sun, Clouds, and Winter Trees

Mystical Nature

Full Flavor of Fall

Trees of Pictured Rocks

Morning Stream of Light

Riding Into The Fog

Enveloped in Fall

Golden Meadows

Summer’s Majesty

Modern Trees

Summer Canopy

Peaceful Symmetry

Willows at the Horse Farm

Patch of Serenity

On a Country Road

Spring Reflections

Springtime Supplication

Artistry of the Forest

Midwest Winter Landscape

The Painted Forest

Midwest Bayou

An Unimaginable Picnic

The Dance of Nature

Reach Out

Natural Decorations

Winter Bliss

Bridge at Mayslake

Steeped in Blue

Path of Bliss

The Cross in the Woods

The Kayaker

The Trees of Maple Lake

The Winter Road

Snowy Steps at Phillips Park

True Bliss

The Tree Ornament