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A Walk to the Light

Shapes of Nature

A Dappled Path

Light and Dark

Morning Stream of Light

Reservations for None

Shadows at The Boat House

Artistry of the Forest

The Painted Forest

Meeting a Friend

Calm & Chaos

Rainy Night in the City

Walkway of Light

The Green Light

Dance to the Sun

The Serpentine Path

Deep in the Forest

The Outsider

Nature’s Palette

Pillars of Light

The Light Beckons

Morning Light

Shadow Dancing

Musical Hat

Beacon of Hope

Forever Shining

Forever Shining

Walking to the Sun

Walking to the Sun

Chicago Street Lamps

Decades of Light

Nature’s Neon

Street Lamp Shadows

Faces in the Clouds

Faces in the Clouds

Spun Gold

Opposing Elements

Path of Light

Path of Light

Chicago After Dark