Forever Shining

She was a loyal companion, friend, and unbeknownst muse of sorts, instrumental in starting my photographic journey.  For more than fifteen years, we had the pleasure of McGee’s wonderful presence.

This photo is from the archives (circa 2003), and shows the lovely light that McGee exuded and was.  Although it has been one year since she left us, I still miss her greatly.


48 thoughts on “Forever Shining

  1. They are so good, these canine and feline friends. We never do forget them. This is a beautiful photo of a dog with an obvious good soul.

  2. Awww…I know what it feels like to lose a darn good dog – my Elsie dog, who died way too early at the age of 4yrs old, has been gone for going on fourteen years now, still miss her with all my heart . With time, I hope your pain eases.

  3. A beautiful photo and a beautiful dog! I know how you feel.. we never forget them.. we lost a dog almost 9 months ago now, and I think about him everyday! But now instead of crying when I think of him, most of the time I smile! I’m sure you are smiling for McGee too!

  4. I’m sure most of us have been there. We lost our rescued greyhounds 3 months apart and that was a few years ago and we still miss them terribly. Your McGee looks like she was a real sweetheart!

  5. I can deeply understand your pain. We are dreading the day our wonderful icelandic sheepdog must leave us, hopefully we still have some time with him. He is thirteen, but still going strong and he still eats his carrots every day 😉

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