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Out For A Sail

Japanese Tea Garden

Blue Moon Over Cedar Key

A Walk on the Lakefront

Landscape of Fantasy and Dreams

Chicago Skyline on Foggy Day

Above Peggy Sue’s

A Walk to the Light

Shapes of Nature

Blues and Berries

The Chicago River at Night

Autumn’s Aperture

Greeting the Fog

Summer Cool

Hotel Connor

The Rural Sunrise

The Road to the Barn

The Golden Train of Time

Tangled Branches

Mandala Kaleidoscope

Little Angel in Love

A Weathered Hand

The Enchanted Forest

Autumn Cityscape

Sunset Over the Gulf

Abstract Sailing Dreams

The Single Sail

Rural Repose

A Peaceful Path

The Old Man and the Lake

Liberty For All

Puddle of Leaves

The Sun Rises

Psychedelic Eyes

Red Tulips

Wheel of Color

Hotel Higbee

Nature’s Oasis

Portrait of a Friend

Distant Headlights

Fog Envelopes the Woods

Mystical Nature

River of Fog

Trees of Pictured Rocks

Enveloped in Fall

Golden Meadows

Willow at Sunset

Giverny Revisited

Modern Trees

The Red Jacket and the Sea