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Forming the Rainbow

Drink Blatz Beer

Antennae in the Sky

Spirit of the Horse

Chicago from the Bean

Along the Gravel Path

Chicago Riverwalk

On the Town

Sentinel Sunset

On the Rise

Willows at the Horse Farm

Crossing Over

On a Country Road

Spring Reflections

Reservations for None

Lakefront Impressions

A Higher Plane

Springtime Supplication

Top of the Hill

Artistry of the Forest

Freedom Ahead

City Living Impressions

The Painted Forest

Foothill Flowers

The Celtic Cross

To Those Who Walked Before Us

The Dance of Nature

Soft Lapping Waves

Shadows at the Dunes

A Walk on the Beach

Bridge at Mayslake

The White Rose

Tones of Transmission

Framing the Biltmore

Flag at Chimney Rock

Solitary Alignment

Sky, Beautiful Sky

Sunday Sunrise

Harbinger of Fall

Peace on Earth

Chicago = Home

The Red Dress

The Orbiter

Steeped in Blue

The Psychedelic Skull

The House on the Lake

Breathing Life into Music

The Cross in the Woods

Catching the Wave