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A Secret Gate

Blue Moon Over Cedar Key

Princess on the Lake

Above Peggy Sue’s

Existentialist Beach Reading

Summer Cool

Find Your Silver Lining

Hotel Connor

Dairyland Motel

The Golden Train of Time

The Focused Photographer

Tangled Branches

Mandala Kaleidoscope

Little Angel in Love

The Enchanted Forest

The Bridge to Biloxi

Abstract Sailing Dreams

Red Barn Doors

Easy Rider

Old Main

Backlit Buzz Cut

Liberty For All

Horseshoe Seams

Psychedelic Eyes

Peace, Love, and Grass

Art of the Cow

Wheel of Color

Hotel Higbee

The Master Lock

Blue Skies Ahead

Twin Tails

Catching Water

Big Bay Lighthouse

Day’s End

Saddle on the Fence

Bumpy Ride Ahead

A Gift

Lines and Shadows

Destination Unknown

Quintessentially American

Forming the Rainbow

Omnipresent Eyes

Crossing Over

Berries & Bubbles

America’s Pastime

Reservations for None

Shadows at The Boat House

Life is Math

Freedom Ahead

City Living Impressions