Wandering in Style

A red kimono and yellow umbrella enhance nature’s already beautiful path.

Photo captured at Cantigny Park in Wheaton, Illinois and processed in Corel.


68 thoughts on “Wandering in Style

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  2. Hi Brian, thanks for dropping by my photo blog as it has allowed me to connect with yours. So this is my first visit and a rewarding one it is. I’ve had a quick look around and enjoyed the variety and your varied approaches. You have a vg eye for composition. I particularly have enjoyed your more abstract images which are both interesting and visually appealing. It’s good to visit the site of a photographer rather than a ‘snapper’. LOL
    Keep up the good work

    • I certainly was surprised, Robin. She was apparently on some sort of shoot with another photographer, but I was fortunate to intervene and get off a couple of snaps. Thanks!

  3. Another such beautiful picture. You take me there, that’s an extraordinary quality in an artist. I won’t be a proliferous blogger but I hope you will find other posts to like on my blog, too…

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