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The Shroud of the City

Greeting the Fog

The Focused Photographer

Tangled Branches

Rural Repose

Follow the Tracks

Sun, Clouds, and Winter Trees

Light and Dark

Catching Water

Mired in Maize

Riding Into The Fog

Lines and Shadows

Omnipresent Eyes

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Black and White Chicago

A Higher Plane

The Wait

No Hands Family

An Unimaginable Picnic

Reach Out

Natural Decorations

Shadows at the Dunes

End of a Long Day

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Creature of Comfort

Lit by the Sun

Silhouettes on the Deck

The Long Road Ahead

Urban Loneliness

Ode to the Bench

A Helping Hand

Prairie Clouds Rolling By

Standing Tall

Stark Beauty

The Winter Road

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End of the Line

When the Harvest Ends

Interconnected Strangers

Bridge on Bridge

The Art of Improv

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