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Ye Olde Winter Barn

Winter Grandeur

Follow the Tracks

Blue Skies Ahead

Interrupting the Winter Whiteness

Traces of Blue

Midwest Winter Landscape

The Benches of Cantigny

An Unimaginable Picnic

All Smiles

Winter Twist

Reach Out

Natural Decorations

Winter Bliss

Bathed in Snow

Stark Beauty

The Winter Road

A Romp in the Snow

Snowy Steps at Phillips Park

Winter’s Gift

Going Green

Break in the Landscape

Triangle of Hay

Blue Sky and White Barn

Behind the Open Gate

Behind the Open Gate

The Song of Nature

Less Traveled By

Lost in the Winter Woods

Winter Splendor

Winter Splendor

Off the Beaten Path

Come and Play

Winding Snow Path

Winding Path