Dog Sitting 101

Dog Sitting Rules:

1. Provide for the health, safety, companionship, and general needs of your temporary friend.
2. Enjoy the experience.
3. Whenever possible, get a photo op.

Photo of Katy, a family friend, enjoying the afternoon sun.


27 thoughts on “Dog Sitting 101

  1. I’ve had dogs, but have ‘dogsat'(?) only once, for four nasty Scnauzers who occupied a beautiful home, yet were not well-trained i.e.: very destructive. Your set of rules is mere common sense which I hope all will follow (especially the last one!).

    Love the shot, but wish I could see Katy’s muzzle!

  2. Love this post! I babysit a granddog every now and again, a Boston Terrier. Piper is a love, well trained and I definitely enjoy each and every time I get to have her. I think I get a photo op tomorrow 🙂

  3. One of my good friends just finished up a 2-week dog and house-sitting assignment. And she did exactly as you said — bonded with her new furry friend, and took advantage of several photo ops. I’m not sure whether dog or human will miss each other more!

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