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The Celtic Cross

The Benches of Cantigny

To Those Who Walked Before Us

Shadows at the Dunes

Framing the Biltmore

Peace on Earth

Old Habits

By the Numbers

Silhouettes on the Deck

The Orbiter

The Stanley Cup

Guardians of Freedom

The Psychedelic Skull

The Noble Fruit

One Cycle

Past is Prologue

Breathing Life into Music

Open for Prayer

The Cross in the Woods

Ode to the Bench

Behind the Camaro SS

A Bouquet of Matchsticks

The Pages of Camus

A Helping Hand

Spring Fever

To the Point

Symbols of the ’70s

It’s About Time

Standing Tall

Snowy Steps at Phillips Park

The Spirit Room

Meeting a Friend

Calm & Chaos

End of the Line

Psychedelic Dreams

The Art of Improv

Weeping Crosses

A Colorful Rest

Walkway of Light

The Rainbow Forest

Extra Innings

Man’s Best Friend

One Language

No Exit

Piano Hands

Choices to Make

Painting the Past

Played by the Rain

Life’s Twists and Turns