Psychedelic Dreams

Trees, sun, vibrant colors, with shades of Van Gogh and Peter Max — a truly psychedelic dream.


28 thoughts on “Psychedelic Dreams

  1. What a gorgeous work of art! It has the inspirational feeling of stained glass yet so much more fluid and free! I do hope you’ll do more of this digital art from your photos Brian.

  2. Brian, I love the color…thought I was having a flashback to my life in the 60’s 😀 Let me add that your title image of the trail through the tall yellow grass to the sky beyond is amazing…it makes me want to be there, and what more can an image be than to make someone wish they were there when you took the shot…thank you, that image made my day!

  3. Are these all photos? “Psycadelic dreams”, “Golden Meadows”, well, all? No editing in digital? Amazing. Well done indeed.

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