The Indecisive Painter

Claude Monet once quipped: “Color is my daylong obsession, joy, and torment.”  Perhaps the painter of this rustic shed door felt the same way.


48 thoughts on “The Indecisive Painter

  1. What i love about this is you could think that they couldn’t make up their mind, or it was all a beautifully thought out plan of color 🙂 Perfect for spring! Nice shot!

  2. Love the colors – and the title – both made me smile!! 🙂 Perhaps whoever painted this shed was tired of looking at drab colors, and no matter what the season is now, they’ll always have something cheerful to look at (I don’t blame them)!!

  3. Fantastic, beautiful and colourful image!! Great composition and pleasant scene. I have to smile seeing it and it’s relaxing for my mind. Well seen and well captured!!

  4. Now most people might just walk right by a door/wall like this and think, “Ah, that’s colorful (or pretty of different).” But not a photographer. We are ever vigilant, seeing the world through our cameras. Your image is an example of art creating art. Lovely.

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