Melting into the Fields

On a country road, a beautiful red barn appears to melt into the golden fields.

Photo taken in Sugar Grove, Illinois.


22 thoughts on “Melting into the Fields

  1. Being a midwest girl…I LOVE this image….the bright red really pops against that golden yellow field! Brilliant colors!

  2. The house seems to have eyes and tree little baby houses on his back and of course that,s too much and very sadly and despite of the beautiful environment and the fresh colors it is going down…. Oh life can be so cruel. But you and your camera were there ..thanks heaven and thank you ! It makes me happy this picture and it triggers my phantasie.

  3. I really like this, Brian. It works for me on every level. Hiding the barn behind the hill was genius. The depth in the sky, the brilliant red of the barn, the golden grain, it all works! Wish I could see it live.

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