Dilapidated Barn

The dilapidated barn appears to rise among the cornfields, becoming an integral element of the natural landscape.

Photo taken in Somonauk, Illinois.


21 thoughts on “Dilapidated Barn

  1. I love your photos. This one is beautiful. Old barns pull at my heart, with their history and sadness. There used to be so many here in Upstate NY, many showing the year in which they were built with different colored slate tiles on their roofs. Each time one of these romantic structures succumb to development or decay, I weep! Thank you for preserving this one in such a lovely shot.

    • Thank you for the beautiful words. I, too, feel pulled and compelled to photograph old barns. There is something so regal and honest in their character. They have served a wonderful purpose in life, and are often left neglected, pleading for just another day, or season to fulfill their duties.

      This is one of my favorite captures, with the sunlight proudly spotllighting the old barn, and serving as a welcoming beacon for all the other dilapidated barns in the area. Thanks again for the comment.

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