Girl in the Big Hat

Spring is a season of birth, renewal, and color, exemplified in the artwork created by the talented Bridget Gaynor.


20 thoughts on “Girl in the Big Hat

  1. You have a very artistic family. I love your photos and your wife’s art work. WELCOME! and thank you for subscribing to follow my blog. I hope you are encouraged, inspired and like the pictures I take. I look forward to sharing post with you in the future.


  2. You know, I just finished some fairytales with seagulls 😀 and was actually wondering how they would look illustrated, and maybe even try to publish them :D, if I get lucky . Unfortunatelly they are in romanina, unless I try to translate then into english,at least one of them. But I thought about the same as the comment above when I saw this drawing 😉

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