Abstract Winter Trees

Bare winter trees, devoid of their natural clothing, make a wonderful starting point for artistic experimentation.

Processing in Corel.


30 thoughts on “Abstract Winter Trees

  1. Hi Brian, this is so beautiful…..enchantingly so. I love the colours…. iridescent like mother of pearl but richer like the mineral Labradorite (one of my favourite things). I wonder how you achieved this? I would be so happy and proud to have created something this stunning!! 🙂

    • Hi Tania, thank you very much. The processing was not difficult — I created a cloud texture in GIMP and layered it onto a photo of stark winter trees. I played with the levels (contrast, saturation, softness) in Corel until I was satisfied with the outcome.

  2. Hi Brian, This is such a beautiful image, so tranquil. Sometimes people edit photos and they don’t seem right, this one does. It’s really stunning. And, thanks for sharing your technique! I can’t wait to try it. -Kim

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