Autumn Outlook

Taken a few months ago, this is a late autumn view from inside the park shelter.

Photo captured in Elburn, Illinois.


26 thoughts on “Autumn Outlook

  1. What a cool perspective…love the contrast between shadows and highlights in this! And this window makes a cool frame!

  2. Since I am new to your blog and this will probably be one of those “duh” comments to all the regulars here… I still wanted to let you know, I think you have a wonderful eye. This image is great with it’s dark and light and well, I adore autumn!


  3. Amazing. beautiful frame you have in this window. For me… I think I would like it even more if you crop it a square so the black sides would be less dominant… but I have to see it like that if my thought are right 🙂

  4. Love the contrasts. I agree it looks like a stained glass window. Great use of structure. I have a similar series in my book discussing how the way we frame things completely changes how we see them. (I was looking through sandstone arches). Same effect & so true here for your picture- gives the tree a whole new quality!

    • Hi Susie, thank you for the insightful comment.

      First off, I have explored your blog and would encourage others to do the same. You offer a positive and heartwarming perspective on nature and its ability to balance, heal, and restore us. It’s truly a special site that I will continue to visit.

      Secondly, I do agree that the method of our framing changes our perspective. I might also add that our initial choice of framing is often dictated by our perspective of the world; it is incumbent on each of us to alter our natural framing inclination if we expect to see the world differently.

  5. Good things going on here. There’s the contrast of the rigid structure of the opening versus the tree branches and also the brilliant yellow color standing out among the black and red/brown grasses.

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