The Old Cider Barn

The Cider Barn located in Elburn, Illinois.  Processing in Corel.


49 thoughts on “The Old Cider Barn

    • The technique was to bring the original capture into Corel Painter Essentials to “paint” the photograph. Once satisifed with the result, I overlayed this work with the original photograph.

      • I had corel on my old computer, but could never do anything that satisfied me. It seems I always like what others do, but never think my own look good enough. thanks

  1. Really a neat shot, Brian, I love it. The processing enhances the feel tremendously. Belongs in a frame for sure 😉
    I used to drive through Elburn every day when I was in grad school…. brings back memories!

      • Good old NIU out in the corn fields 🙂 I was commuting there from Cary/Crystal Lake.
        People don’t realize how pretty Illinois is- it’s really quite lovely! I think it’s wonderful that you post so many photos showcasing that part of the Midwest.

  2. I am a barn-oholic…and this one is just fantastic. You captured the personality of the structure so artistically…the only thing missing is the frame and a huge empty place to put it on!

  3. Brian, I am enjoying your post processing more and more. It looks like you are getting very comfortable with the program. Can’t wait till you dub yourself a master at it and start making simple things like buttons look amazing! Keep it up!

    • Thanks, Dan. Master? Not by any stretch of the imagination. In any case, I like to experiment with different textures, effects, and results to keep things interesting. Thanks for the support!

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