Windows of Chicago

Chicago has such an architecturally rich history.  In this capture, the focus is on the distinct shapes, patterns, and colors of various downtown windows.


61 thoughts on “Windows of Chicago

  1. Great shot!
    Really like the contrasting buildings and different reflections in the windows.
    (personally I think I would opt for leaving the front grass out to make it even more abstract)

  2. Ok, I know this is going to sound really, really random, but my first thought looking at this picture was that the smaller building in the background is like a young child peeking out shyly from behind his parents. This shot is awesome!! And I know – I’m crazy!! LOL

  3. Pictures like this tickle my imagination and I wonder; who is in all those rooms? Are they apartments, office blocks? How many different lives and stories, live and have lived there, behind those windows…

    • I sometimes have the same thoughts and questions. Behind the glass and steel facade are real lives — people working, sleeping, existing — and each window representing an untold story of the present, past, and future.

  4. Dear Brian, you captured such an amazing photograph… the colours, the contrast and the composition they are all so beautiful. This is great shot. Thank you, with my love, nia

  5. Brian, I love the color in this picture and the perspective. With the trees or bushes you are behind, it almost feels like The grass from a sand dune. I just imagine walking over this big sand dude with this tall grass and then being struck by a huge city! Very cool.

  6. I love the contrasts between the structure of the windows and the buildings and the randomness and texture of the grasses. Great colors too.

  7. Fabulous composition, colours and light!! And I like very much the mixture of the architecture with the upper part of the trees!!!

  8. Would love to see a crop of this that eliminates the building on the right and crops out were the windows begin on the building to the left. Beautiful red color among the drab greys.

  9. Great composition, the windows are so cool and silent , yet you can feel life is buzzing behind them… Love the dry plants in the foreground … The warm red contrast beautifully with the blues .. Nice angle ..

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