A True Survivor

Against all odds, it survives.  Weathered, neglected, and forgotten, the abandoned barn stands as proudly as it can, a shell of its former self, but a true survivor, nonetheless.

Photo captured near Sugar Grove, Illinois and processed in Corel.


71 thoughts on “A True Survivor

    • I love old barns. They are so regal yet so innocent. They serve a noble purpose, yet are often forgotten, left to fend for themselves. Even in a dilapidated state, they are more beautiful than the most modern, sleek building I could possibly imagine. Perhaps they are a reflection of life itself.

      An old barn is a work of art, and if I can help to cement that image, I am pleased. Thanks very much for the appreciation, d!

  1. Oh, Brian, this is marvelous! Some people start their day with the news, some with coffee, but I like to start my day with a Brian Gaynor photograph!

  2. Fantastic image and fantastic processing!!! I like very much the tones, composition and, above all, the atmosphere of the image and story. Great shot and great text!!

  3. I think all the words have been used up here. But still…this is an amazing painterly piece of work. And I am hopeless about old barns.

  4. Hey Brian, what an outstanding shot, goodness. My skin feels all tingly looking at it, almost like that first spring sunshine on your cheeks when you cold. Super beautiful.

  5. Hi Brian thanks for your likes. Sorry its been hard to check all the blogs out lately due to that terrible internet service that I have, I am in the outback in Qld. Cheers love your work its very artistic.

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