Shrouded in Fog

The morning fog rolls in, partially shrouding a grove of trees. Photo captured in Aurora, Illinois.


52 thoughts on “Shrouded in Fog

  1. I love this one, Brian – fog is so beautiful, but can be tricky to photograph. Can I ask how you got this one? I like the way the trees in the foreground stand out a bit darker then the background.

    • Thanks for the comment, Lois. I agree that fog shots can be tricky — it seems that the vast majority of my fog shots are ultimately discarded since I am too close to the subject. In this particular case, I was fortunate to have a slight elevation which I think helped to contrast the landscape and bring forth the definition in the trees. I also softened the photograph a bit, and that may have added to the mood of the capture.

  2. beautiful. love the tones here.
    in spite of the darkness in the bottom half, the bright sun in the upper half dominates and cheers up , so to speak. I would also be curious how different the result might have been if black tones were dominating !

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