Two Lost Soles

A most unusual find in a benign setting — a pair of sneakers hanging high on a tree in a park.  The “why” and “how” remain a mystery.


31 thoughts on “Two Lost Soles

  1. I’ve made a few shots like this but none as good.

    This is a worldwide phenomenon. For years where I live, I couldn’t figure out why kids were throwing perfectly good runners up into trees and on telephone lines. Last year, a photographer in the Ukraine said that he heard that it’s supposed to be a sign that a drug dealer operates from a residence is nearby.

    It’s still unsubstantiated but I think it would be a terrible pitty if there’s any truth to that because wher I live, this sign is EVERYWHERE! It would certainly indicate how prolific the problem is.

  2. Hi Brian. Nice photo. I also taken many different types of shoes hanging from trees, phone wires, light posts, you name it I have a photo. I heard an urban legend that it means that someone (young child) has died as a result of gun violence. Not sure that is its meaning but I thought I would share.

  3. So funny … we see this site all the time – only, they are usually hung on telephone lines. I always wonder the circumstances behind this. Great shot and I love the title you used.

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