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Artistry of the Forest

City Living Impressions

The Painted Forest

Foothill Flowers

To Those Who Walked Before Us

The Dance of Nature

Soft Lapping Waves

Bridge at Mayslake

Tones of Transmission

Sunday Sunrise

Chicago = Home

Steeped in Blue

The Psychedelic Skull

One Cycle

The House on the Lake

Past is Prologue

Breathing Life into Music

The Cross in the Woods

Country Comfort

The Tree Ornament

Going Green

Psychedelic Dreams

Rainy Night in the City

She Waits

After the Storm

The Rainbow Forest

Mates for Life

One Language

In Glorious Enthusiasm

Piano Hands

A Magical Confluence

Field of Dreams

Painting the Past

Deep in the Forest

We Are One

The Home of Faded Dreams

Floating with Matisse

Convergent Forms

Changing Faces

The Hand of Peace

Girl in the Big Hat


Once Blue

Artistic Jerome

Stirring Our Emotions

Lily Luminance

Expressions of the City

The Light Beckons

McGee & Monet

Bucolic Bliss