The Home of Faded Dreams

Dare to stay at the Hotel Plaza where vacancies abound and colorful dreams fade into the night.


31 thoughts on “The Home of Faded Dreams

    • I don’t believe it’s haunted, although I am not very familiar with the hotel. It looks as if it has been around for several decades, and probably has many stories to tell.

      • I love the color and b&w white mashed together, yet I’d like to get a chance to see more of the building with the same colored setting you’ve used in this one, this way it would create a more dramatic look. The sign, mostly by itself, seems to just hang there. Perhaps that might have been your intention all along, of course this is just my personal taste and opinion. 😀

      • I appreciate the constructive feedback and perhaps will offer more scale in a future post. I was particularly struck by the older sign and wanted to focus on that unusual element here. Thanks for the feedback, Lucianus.

      • Just an opinion, but you’re right, the sign does bring back some nostalgia about the past, and aren’t we all suckers for a bit of “blast from the past”?

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