Mates for Life

Canada geese are monogamous, staying together their entire lives.

Photo taken at Lake Loon in Yorkville, Illinois.


37 thoughts on “Mates for Life

  1. Nice picture! I have geese pictures on my blog today, and I usually do my research, but didn’t take the time on this one. So the mating for life information is interesting. I was told about the family groups the geese travel around in (on the pond at my sister’s house), and I had wondered about it. There is one goose in the group who looks different, but she sticks with one of the families. There were three white geese that stuck together as well, but they didn’t have babies this year.

  2. I hope this is a pair of geese that have decided to make a permanent home in Illinois. We have way too many Canada Geese here in Canada!

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