McGee & Monet

When we think of our beloved pets, particularly those who have departed, most of us will conjure a favorite visual image (or two) permanently seared in our brain.  For me, the image is of a late December afternoon, when the low San Antonio sun soaked the fields and intensified the majestic colors.  I will never forget my amazement that nature could create such a beautiful palette of light, shadows, and color.

McGee sat patiently in those fields — a rare occurrence — as if she, too, were absorbing nature’s artistry.  I thought at the time that this was a “Monet moment” when natural beauty and canine companionship coalesce to form an unforgettable image.

To preserve and enhance my memory, I have given the original capture an impressionistic flair.  Although both have passed on, McGee and Monet remain two of my very favorites and they have forged an inexorable bond.


59 thoughts on “McGee & Monet

  1. My dear Brian, you are such a beautiful photographer and you have so many beautiful photographs but for me this one the best of best… I am speechless now… Monet and your lovely McGee they are amazing… I fall in love once again with art… and you are great. Thank you, with my love, nia

  2. And the colours and light produce a warm atmosphere that fits perfectly the aim of this image. To preserve the memory of a great friend.

  3. My cat used to sit under the moon halfway down a field out the back of our farmhouse in France in the middle of the stubble of wheat that had just been harvested. He’d just sit and look around like your dog did. He was only three weeks old when I got him and I hand-reared him – every 2 hours night and day for a while! – on milk fed through a doll’s bottle. He was born in the back yard of the bicycle shop owned by my younger brother. My cat outlived my brother but has also passed away. So your photo brought tears to my eyes. But fond memories of my cat, who was very happy to be able to roam freely and safely under harvest moons.


  4. I love the rendering of this. I’ve tried to render a few of my photos to paintings but haven’t had the success I want yet. Beautiful memory portrait.

  5. Your photo-painting is truly heartwarming. This is a beautiful memory that I’m sure many people who share their lives with pets can appreciate. Many thanks for posting it.

  6. Superb image and color tones are really special – wonderful to have a “special” photograph with light that just shouts “art” and who better than Monet.

  7. I love this! I have had many pets in my life that have since passed away, and you are so very right. There are a couple of images I have in my mind of them. Animals have their own way of expressing their joy over nature and you have captured it here….. Great work!

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