Misty Morn’

The mist was heavy along the nature trail, offering a morning silhouette of the prairie grasses and trees.


55 thoughts on “Misty Morn’

    • Joao, thank you for the comment. The shot was taken at Peck Farm Park in Geneva, Illinois with a Nikon D3100. Although I felt the capture was pretty nice straight from the camera, I brought it into Corel Paint and added a slight (15%-20%) pencil drawing overlay. I thought the “sketch look” enhanced the natural movement of the prairie grasses in the windy/misty conditions.

  1. A beautiful photo Brian, and makes me think about a scene or two in a book I have just read called “The Shack”. Your work is overwhelming as always!

  2. The overlay looks great on this, Brian. It brings out some needed detail in a foggy scene. I can’t resist shooting in the fog and this is a really nice landscape.

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