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Riding Into The Fog

Golden Meadows

Willow at Sunset

Beautiful Desert

Summer’s Majesty

Lines and Shadows

Giverny Revisited

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Modern Trees

A Man and his Dogs

Summer Canopy

Along the Gravel Path

On the Rise

Peaceful Symmetry

Willows at the Horse Farm

Patch of Serenity

Spring Reflections

A Perfect Union

Mysterious Prairie

Springtime Supplication

The Sky Meets the River

Artistry of the Forest

Becoming One With Nature

Tones of a Coming Season

Traces of Blue

The Painted Forest

Midwest Bayou

Foothill Flowers

Winter Twist

The Dance of Nature

Reach Out

Hawk on the Hook

Winter Bliss

Riding the Waves

Soothing the Soul

Soft Lapping Waves

A Walk on the Beach

Bridge at Mayslake

The Autumn Path

The Adventitious Tree

Explosion of Colors

Blue Sunrise

Mountain Contemplation

Morning Fog on the Blue Ridge Parkway

Flag at Chimney Rock

Blue Ridge Beauty

Time to Prey

Golden Fields

Solitary Alignment

Sky, Beautiful Sky