The Bridge of Autumn

The signs of autumn emerge as morning shadows crisscross the bridge and highlight the fallen leaves.

Photo taken at Red Oak Nature Center in Batavia, Illinois.


35 thoughts on “The Bridge of Autumn

  1. Brian, it’s been a long time since I checked my emails from wordpress and I’m glad I ran into yours first. I miss looking at the pictures you post and may I say this one is particularly touching since fall is upon us and I feel blue. Yet, the colors of this shot are amazingly beautiful, though dying and forgotten on the deck of this bridge, they still hold a large variety of shapes and colors. Great shot Brian and as always keep up doing what you’re passionate and very good at. Luc

  2. Ah! the light and shadows of experiences bridging our lifetimes…Percy Bysshe Shelley described his poems as dead leaves scattered about…your visual poem here reminds me of this…many thanks Brian!!! with best wishes, Shelley

  3. Your title and the photo say a lot! Autumn is a bridge between summer and winter and the different colors of the leaves (even green) also display the concept of a “bridge”. Nice job!

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