Embracing the Blues

Blue sky and water make for a perfect sail on sparkling Lake Michigan.

Photo taken in Chicago.


58 thoughts on “Embracing the Blues

  1. Terrific work with the natural light. That part would have been tricky, especially with the sun beating down on the waves. Beautiful shot though, lovely framing of the object!

  2. Super shot. I can almost feel the sea breeze. Can I ask a stupid question? How do you get to link straight through to your Redbubble site? I am being thick but can’t seem to work out how to do it.

    • Thanks, Rachael. When I post a photo, there is a URL link. I change the default link to the Redbubble site. If you have additional questions, let me know and I can go into further detail.

  3. ” chicago, chicago …. that’s my kind of town …. ” the great cooling lake is a welcome body of water on heat wave days like these we are experiencing as of now, awesome shot here with so much blues, Chicago style blues ….:)

  4. Brian, if awards were real pieces of paper you’d need another room, I bet. Guess what! I LOVE your posts, so I am nominating you the “very inspiring blogging award” I’m sure you have 20, but none are as wonderful as this one because its from ME! Take it or leave it. Rules, 7 things about you & nominate 15 other people. i’ve not seen many posts lately, get busy! 🙂 Amy

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