Corpus Christi Bay

Taken in 2005 on a cold, blustery January afternoon in Corpus Christi, Texas, I have always enjoyed the mood and potential stories of this photo — the beautiful tones of the sky signifying an impending end to the day, the infinite ocean, and the solitude of the woman in the colorful red jacket seemingly pondering her existence and significance in this vast world.


14 thoughts on “Corpus Christi Bay

  1. It’s an amazing shot cose of the blue of the sea and he jacket seem to crash, yet they compliment each other considering the setting they find themselves in. The woman in this shot can be called Corpus Christi herself, for we all have raised with images of Jesus in red and white clothes. It’s like looking at the future and thinking of divinity at the same time as an individual, which probably this woman wasn’t aware of at all she might have been doing. It’s an intense shot, full of meaning to me as a person who used to stand by the shores of lake Michigan on a cold wintry days before or after a storm was passing. Great shot, and thanks for sharing this one, truly.

  2. Thanks for posting this photo. I was born in Corpus in 1943, so it’s nice to see others interpretation of that city. Your photograph captures the Texas Gulf Coast winter very well.

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