Wine & Music

Wine & Music — a sensory and auditory feast.


45 thoughts on “Wine & Music

    • “Both so wonderfully intoxicating.” Very nice, Nikhil! To answer your question, these are actually two separate photographs — one of the wine and the other of the music book — that I overlayed. I adjusted the levels until I was pleased with the merged result. Thank you.

  1. You have already gathered all the praise. What I can say more? Only that I am waiting for more such amazing combinations, mediated through your art and talent. Cheers. Flowing the wine, playing the music!

  2. I think this has to be my favorite photograph you have ever posted. So creatively beautiful. Simple, yet eloquent. I love to photograph through water, etc… this is fabulous! Great work 🙂

  3. Talk about amazing. Two of my favorite things put together, wine and music, how can we live without them? It’s an excellent shot both in detail and color schemes as well as the message it sets forth

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