Trapped on the Street

One requires an uncanny faith when faced with the absurdity of walking the urban jungle.

Photo taken in Chicago.


12 thoughts on “Trapped on the Street

    • Good point. On the flip side, it seems to me that unabashed reliance on the intentions and actions of others, while often necessary, seems particularly absurb at times.

  1. But life is absurd! We take so many things for granted, crossing the street being one of them. No one ever comes back from lunch and brags about ho many cars didn’t hit them this time…and yet, any and all of them could have! What a strange paradox.

    • I agree wholeheartedly — life is absurd. Each day we confront mundane situtations, like crossing the street, that can be viewed as absurd. Yet, we make it through the day due to our faith in ourselves and others. Faith overcomes the absurdity. Thanks for the comment.

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