Doc, The Wandering Cowboy

Unique character encountered on the streets of Sedona, Arizona.


18 thoughts on “Doc, The Wandering Cowboy

  1. Beautiful shot! When I see the pressure to mass robotic conformity it’s people like this guy who gives me hope.
    Unless we exercise our freedom to be ourself and publicly express that in some way (subtle or blatantly clear), we are in danger of losing that freedom anywhere and everywhere in the world. It often takes courage ‘to be ourself’.

  2. I love the pic and Doc’s cowboy ways… He’s a great reminder of what Sedona was. He’s a staple of downtown Sedona if you do get to take a picture “with” him throw a few dollars his way, It’ll make you feel good inside and truly remember the moment.

  3. As with all art, it stands as what it is. There is no way to really convey how great this capture is! The beauty of art, to me, is that it confirms the grooviness and diversity of our existence. Kind of just smashes one in the face with reality. You have a right keen eye, Mr. Gaynor, I appreciate your works!

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