A Comedian Until the End

Without humor, we have nothing.

Photo taken at St. James of the Sag Church and Cemetery in Lemont, Illinois.


25 thoughts on “A Comedian Until the End

      • It’s the only coombo I could think of that makes “Hilarious”. Once I’m done with my coffee, who knows how creative I can get. Have a great day Brian. Glad you didn’t catch any “Orbs” in this great shot!

  1. Priceless! Humour sets our joyful Spirit free and often saves our sanity! It’s an enexpected laugh at Death even if unintended. I see this monument and photograph as a message of the triumph of Life. Smiling in gratitude, Shelley

    • Thanks, Shelley. Even in unintended circumstances, as you mention, a sense of humor can often guide us. Life is too short — we need to keep everything in perspective, and laughter helps.

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