Hope Springs Eternal

Spring is a period of rebirth, renewal, and redemption, where Chicago baseball fans bury the past and dream of the future.  Play Ball!


20 thoughts on “Hope Springs Eternal

  1. OMG, you brought back such good memories with this shot, I grew up with 4 brothers, living in chicago once upon a time. 2 of my brothers were Sox fans and 2 plus my Dad were Cubs fans ( still are) but it was fun watching them, It’s amazing what a photo can do for a person. Thank you for this wonderful memory Brian !

      • LOL neither, I was a Yankees fan 🙂 yeah you can immagine what my house was like. It was fun though because on the weekends we would all play baseball together when we had the chance. Even my mother (Cubs fan till the end) she is the first one shouting ! lol

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