Two Lives, Two Stories

Different journeys intersect on the city street.

Photo captured in La Grange, Illinois.


31 thoughts on “Two Lives, Two Stories

  1. You know what I like about street photography like this? It captures an entire culture. Forty years from now you will be able to look back at it, maybe rather nostalgically, and think how different the clothes were back then. You will be able to see the changing architecture and something about the affluence of the times. Your lady seems to look pretty well off. I wonder if her counterpart in 2050 will have such fine clothing? And what coats and purses will look like then? I wonder if blue jeans will still be the leggings of choice for the homeless? And will knit headwarmers like your man is wearing still be around? They weren’t in the street images from the 50’s that my dad took in Dallas. And how will ladies wear their hair five decades from now? One thing for sure, there will be changes, and your images will have captured a flavor of life that looks quaint to future generations. Neat photograph and I hope you keep walking the streets.

    • Dave,

      Thanks so much for the wonderful comment. Perhaps my favorite photography is street photography — other photographer’s, that is. For whatever reason, perhaps lack of fearlessness, I have not developed my skills at this medium, but intend to try.

      I love both the timeless stories that street photography evokes, as well as the time-constrained physical images of clothes, architecture, and surroundings. Thanks for the inspiration to continue “walking the streets.”

  2. Wow! Great shot. I like how the paths of each create intersecting lines, giving a tension to the composition. Your eye is drawn to one, then the other. Even though the woman is prominent in the photot, you can’t look at her without being drawn to the man walking away.

  3. I’m glad I found this blog, your pictures lend themselves perfectly to stories. I’m an English teacher, I might use them in my class to provoke creative writing, if that’s ok? They have a natural beauty to them, thanks for sharing!

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