Reflections on the Rock

Solitude on the rock – an opportunity to appreciate nature and ponder life.

Rock and Reflections Art

Plant Hairs

From Wikipedia:

Trichomes (/ˈtraɪkoʊmz/ or /ˈtrɪkoʊmz/), from the Greek τρίχωμα (trikhōma) meaning “hair”, are fine outgrowths or appendages on plants, algae, lichens, and certain protists. They are of diverse structure and function. Examples are hairs, glandular hairs, scales, and papillae. A covering of any kind of hair on a plant is an indumentum, and the surface bearing them is said to be pubescent.

Plant Hairs

Hotel Higbee

Rendering of the Hotel Higbee in Dodgeville, Wisconsin. The hotel opened in 1852 as the Dodgeville House and assumed its current name in 1895. Today, it is an apartment house.

Hotel Higbee

Nature’s Oasis

Light and shadows paint the circular bridge at the Japanese Tea Garden.  Taken at Fabyan Forest Preserve in Geneva, Illinois.

Shadows on the Bridge

City at Twilight

The great skyline of Chicago, viewed from Navy Pier as twilight takes hold.

City at Twilight

Portrait of a Friend

Maisy — expressive eyes, warm heart.

Maisy Art_Painting

Distant Headlights

Distant Headlights Ahead

Distant headlights emerge from the foggy country road.

Fog Envelopes the Woods

Fog in the woods in Sugar Grove, Illinois.

Blurred Trees in the Fog Art

The Master Lock

The old lock — offering both protection and beautiful patina.

The Master Lock

Follow the Tracks

Animal tracks snake through the snow.

Photo taken at St. James Farm in Warrenville, Illinois.

Follow the Tracks

Blue Skies Ahead

If you can traverse the obstacles, you will find blue skies.

Blue Skies Ahead

Interrupting the Winter Whiteness

Maisy — enjoying and contrasting with the winter whites.

Interrupting the Winter Whiteness

Sun, Clouds, and Winter Trees

Clouds roll across the bare trees on a January day in Chicago.

Sun Clouds and Winter Trees

Light and Dark

Sun drenched plants light the path at Fabyan Forest Preserve in Geneva, Illinois.

Light and Dark Art

Alone in the Field

Surrounded by fog and field, the tree stands alone in the early winter landscape.

Fog and Tree

Twin Tails

A tale of tails at St. James Farm in Warrenville, Illinois.

Twin Tails Art

Mystical Nature

Trees, color, art, nature, and psychedelia form a mystical palette.

Psychedelic Winter Tree Art

Catching Water

The simple pleasures of childhood.

Catching Water

City Reflections

The beautiful architectural skyline of Chicago, Illinois.

Skyline Reflection Art

Full Flavor of Fall

The full flavor of fall color is on display at Bliss Woods in Sugar Grove, Illinois.

Bliss at Bliss Woods

River of Fog

A foggy start to the day on the Au Train River in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

The Fog on Au Train River

Big Bay Lighthouse

From Wikipedia:

The Big Bay Point Light is a lighthouse which stands on a tall bluff over a rocky point near Big Bay, Michigan, on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It is the only operational lighthouse with a bed and breakfast, and is reputed to be haunted. The novel and movie Anatomy of a Murder were inspired by a murder rooted at the lighthouse.

Big Bay Lighthouse

Trees of Pictured Rocks

One of the many hiking trails at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore near Munising, Michigan.

Processing with Corel.

Trees of Pictured Rocks Art

Steps to Paradise

Gentle sand dunes beckon you down to the surf of Lake Superior.

Photo taken in Au Train, Michigan.

Steps to Paradise

Day’s End

The moon rises and the sun sets over the river, capping an end of the day in Au Train, Michigan.

End of the Day in Au Train

The Wind and the Wisps

Nature at its finest on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

UP Perfection Art

Whitecaps on Superior

Cold, rainy weather in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula contributed to the beautiful churn of whitecaps on Lake Superior.

Lake Superior Angry

Morning Stream of Light

The morning light in the woods is amazing — ever-changing, streaming through the tree tops, illuminating the path, and painting nature’s personal portrait.

Photo taken at Bliss Woods in Sugar Grove, Illinois.

Morning Stream of Wooded Light

Saddle on the Fence

The end of the day at St. James Farm in Warrenville, Illinois.

Saddle on the Fence

Bumpy Ride Ahead

A plane penetrates the threatening skies.

Bumpy Ride Ahead

Mired in Maize

The farms of Illinois in September — tall corn and short barns.

Photo taken near Waterman, Illinois.

Barn in the Cornfields

A Gift

Everyday on earth is a gift.  Live it well.

The Gift

Riding Into The Fog

Bicycling into the fog on a country road in Sugar Grove, Illinois.

Riding into the Fog

Enveloped in Fall

Soon the leaves will slowly change colors, green will transform to yellow and orange, and the magic of fall will be upon us.

Photo taken last year at Bliss Woods in Sugar Grove, Illinois.

Enveloped in Fall Colors

Golden Meadows

The beautiful meadows and trees of St. James Farm in Warrenville, Illinois.

The Meadow and Trees of St. James

Willow at Sunset

A lone willow tree inhabits the fields.

Photo taken in Sugar Grove, Illinois and processed in Corel.

One Tree Oil Painting

Beautiful Desert

The Beautiful Desert

The beautiful desert and cliffs south of Sedona, Arizona.

Summer’s Majesty

There is something majestic about a summer morning walk with nature — the pleasing monotone palette of green, abundant sunlight streaming through the tree tops, and the warm breeze in the air.

Summer Morn'

Lines and Shadows

The morning sun casts lovely shadows along the curved fence line.

Morning Fence Shadows Art

Giverny Revisited

A field of Black-Eyed Susans, reminiscent of Monet’s gardens.

Flower Field Art

Destination Unknown

Golden, curved rails travel through the countryside, destination unknown.

Golden Rails

Blanketing the Farm

A spectacular drive home this evening as the sun’s rays poked through a layer of clouds, blanketing the Midwest farm.

Photo taken in Sugar Grove, Illinois.

Sun's Rays Over the Farm


Modern Trees

A modern presentation of an old subject matter.

Trees - Modern Art

The Red Jacket and the Sea

Pondering life on Corpus Christi Bay.

The Red Jacket Painting


A Man and his Dogs

A tranquil Sunday morning walk at St. James Farm in Warrenville, Illinois.

A Man and His Dogs Oil Painting

Quintessentially American

There is something quintessentially American about minor league baseball — perhaps it is the love of the game, reverence for the flag, or sense of community that makes it a unique experience.

Photo taken at Kane County Cougars game in Geneva, Illinois.

Quintessentially American

Summer Canopy

Arched trees and an inviting bench provide a respite from summer’s heat.

Photo taken at St. James Farm in Warrenville, Illinois.

The Summer Canopy


Forming the Rainbow

The unfinished rainbow, always a work in progress.

Work by Bridget Gaynor.

Painting the Rainbow

Drink Blatz Beer

Rendering of Tom’s Place in Lemont, Illinois.

Blatz at Tom's Place Painting

Antennae in the Sky

The twin antenna masts of the John Hancock Center in Chicago reach for the sky.

Processing in Corel.

John Hancock Building Painting


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