Artistry of the Forest

The trees of beautiful Bliss Woods — a work of natural art.

The Artistry of the Forest

Entrance to the Willow

The inviting willow stands peacefully on the farm.

Photo taken in Sugar Grove, Illinois.

Entrance to the Willow

Becoming One With Nature

More than communing with nature, the golden hair and golden grass unite, becoming one.

One With Nature

Tones of a Coming Season

Winter slowly makes way to spring on the prairie path in Big Rock, Illinois.

Prairie Path Big Rock

Freedom Ahead

The road — a symbol of mobility and freedom.

The Road Ahead

Traces of Blue

Traces of blue punctuate the predominantly white landscape.

Photo taken at Mallard Lake in Bloomingdale, Illinois, on a day of freshly minted snow.

Traces of Blue

The Wait

The interesting gent — clad in pajama-like pants, sporting a baseball cap and cane — waits in earnest at the local bank.

Photo taken in La Grange, Illinois.

Waiting at the Bank

Bangs & Lashes

The beautiful Percheron draft horse, taking a snooze.

Sleeping Beauty Artistic

On Patrol

The barn cat stealthily patrols the farm.

On Patrol

Little Lambs

It’s lambing season at Kline Creek Farm in West Chicago, Illinois.

The Little Lambs

No Hands Family

Chilly weather necessitates hidden hands, while shorts apparently do not pose the same problem.

No Hands Family

Midwest Winter Landscape

The unending fence breaks the stark winter landscape. Photo taken in Aurora, Illinois.

The Fenceline

City Living Impressions

Life at the top of the stairs – a visual story.

City Living Art

The Painted Forest

Rendering of Bliss Woods in Sugar Grove, Illinois.

Artistic Bliss Painting

Midwest Bayou

The surrealistic natural setting of trees encased in ice – our version of a bayou – is the result of recent meteorological fluctuations.  Cold weather was followed by rain, wind, and thawing temps, quickly replaced with bitter cold temperatures.

Photo taken in Sugar Grove, Illinois.

Midwest Bayou

Foothill Flowers

A field of flowers at the forefront of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Foothill Flowers Painting

The Celtic Cross

The Celtic Cross — always handy.

The Celtic Cross

The Benches of Cantigny

Unused, but not forgotten, snow temporarily covers the benches at Cantigny Park in Wheaton, Illinois.

The Benches of Cantigny

To Those Who Walked Before Us

An homage to those who forged the original path.

To Those Who Have Walked Before Us

An Unimaginable Picnic

Someday the snow will melt, spring will arrive, and a picnic will be held.

Unimaginable Picnic

All Smiles

Maisy’s fun expression says it all.

All Smiles

Winter Twist

The winter prairie path beckons with a layer of snow and sunny skies.

Photo taken at Peck Farm in Geneva, Illinois.

Winter Twist

The Dance of Nature

Naked and dancing
Rhythmically with the wind,
Trees embrace winter.

Branches Artistic

Reach Out

Nature’s little helpers — always willing to reach out and extend a hand, whenever necessary.

Photo taken at Mayslake in Oak Brook, Illinois.

Reaching Out

Hawk on the Hook

Perched on the street lamp, the hawk surveys the surrounding landscape.  Photo taken at Peck Farm Park in Geneva, Illinois.

Hawk on a Hook Art

Natural Decorations

Beautiful frost naturally decorates the bare winter trees.

Winter Trees Art

Winter Bliss

The beauty of winter — dramatic snow-covered trees at Bliss Woods in Sugar Grove, Illinois.

Winter Bliss

Bathed in Snow

Snow on the ground and in the air, Maisy is enjoying the change of seasons.

Enjoying the Snowfall

Riding the Waves

Lowering onto the back of the water, the sun rides the gentle waves of Lake Michigan in Union Pier, Michigan.

Waves at Sunset

Soothing the Soul

Few things in life soothe the soul more than solitude coupled with the beauty of nature.

Soothing the Soul Art

Soft Lapping Waves

Lapping waves at sunset paint a portrait of nature’s artistry and splendor.

Glorious Nature

Shadows at the Dunes

The sun casts its magical shadows along the fence at Warren Dunes State Park in Sawyer, Michigan.

Shadows at the Dunes

A Walk on the Beach

Sunset falls on the shores of Lake Michigan, in Union Pier, Michigan.

Union Pier at Sunset

Out to Pasture

The sun spotlights the lone horse and golden tones of the pasture.

On the Range

End of a Long Day

Groceries in hand, it’s time for the gent to head home and settle in.

The End of a Long Day Art

Bridge at Mayslake

Water, trees, and vibrant autumn tones frame the bridge at Mayslake, in Oak Brook, Illinois.

Bridge at Mayslake

The Autumn Path

Fall colors and scattered leaves line the walking trail at Bliss Woods in Sugar Grove, Illinois.

Autumn Path Art

The Adventitious Tree

The lone tree appears to rise from the sun-drenched Illinois cornfield — beautiful, but certainly out-of-place.

Tree in the Cornfields

Explosion of Colors

Fall is in full bloom at Cantigny Park in Wheaton, Illinois.

Explosion of Colors

The White Rose

The beautiful white rose — a symbol of innocence, purity, beginnings, honor, and reverence.

White Rose

Tones of Transmission

The intersection of color and telephone lines.

Intersection of Lines and Color

Blue Sunrise

Morning breaks over the Blue Ridge Mountains in Asheville, North Carolina.

Blue Sunrise

Slice of Americana

The Apple House in Bat Cave, North Carolina — where time stands still.

Bat Cave Apple House

Mountain Contemplation

“Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better.”

~ Albert Einstein

Mountain Contemplation Art

Framing the Biltmore

The Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina. Completed in 1895 and comprising 250 rooms, George Vanderbilt’s chateau is “America’s Largest Home.”

The Biltmore Estate

Morning Fog on the Blue Ridge Parkway

Thick morning fog resembles puffy clouds on the Blue Ridge Parkway near Asheville, North Carolina.

Morning Fog on the Blue Ridge Parkway

Flag at Chimney Rock

The United States flag blows in the wind atop Chimney Rock, North Carolina.

Flag at Chimney Rock

Blue Ridge Beauty

The beautiful mountains surrounding Asheville, North Carolina.

Blue Mountains

Time to Prey

A bird of prey (a hawk, perhaps?) glides above the Illinois prairie, searching for the next meal.

In Flight

Golden Fields

Golden grass sweeps across the Illinois countryside.

Windswept Grass


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